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  • How did we get our name?

Shortly after we purchased the building way back in the early 80's (we don't know exactly when) it took a long time to renovate. We were tossing around names for the new store, Ellen wasn't amused by Bill's suggestions, liquid lunch, sashay café, and some others that seemed to have slipped my memory. One night we were watching Dumbo with our three daughters and the mouse was asking the crows not to pick on Dumbo because his mom was locked up and he didn't have anyone to snuzzle with. Ellen exclaimed "that's it, that's the name for the store", we got our daughters approval and here we are.

  • How come you don't have a sign?

Well, Bill was never much for advertising, we always thought word of mouth was the best. We liked the idea of someone saying "I know of a little pizza shop out in the country." Besides if you're here, this was your destination, its not like you were driving by.

  • What's the story with all the speakers?

That's Bill's toy. He used to light them up on Monday's when we were in here cleaning, and late at night when only a few customers remained. The speakers can be kept at a nominal volume because there are so many of them, you'll have background music without having to shout over them to have a conversation. But YUP, they can put a head on your beer in the bar, and move little kids across the floor in the dining room. But usually never while we are open.

  • Where did you get those bar stools?

Mike Murphy is an amazing talented wood worker. When we first opened we gave him his first job, he built our glass racks, I think he was 16 at the time. Then he built our dining room addition a few years later. One night I was complaining to him that we needed to replace our bar stools to complete the Snuzzles experience. Well Mike stepped up, and as you can see Mike Murphy is an amazing talented wood worker.

  • Do You Take Reservation?

No, Snuzzles does not take reservations however, if you have a large party (10 People or More) we do appreciate a heads up so that we can properly prepare our staff (This is a courtesy call not a reservation).
We operate on a first come first serve basis.
During the weekend we will not seat your party unless all members are present.

  • Does Snuzzles accept credit cards?                                                                             

Nope, we do have an A.T.M for your  convenience.                                                              

Snuzzle Hours
Menu 11 am till 11:30 pm.
Bar 11 am till 2 am, last call at 1 am.

Menu 2 pm till 8:30 pm.
Bar 2 pm till 10 pm, last call at 9:30 pm.

Monday we are closed.

Just in case........................our phone is 610-682-7272
Weekends are crazy........but that's when you can get the full effect.
Sundays are nice..............active but not nuts.
Tuesday - Thursday.........calm, laid back, good days for hangin' out.

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